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March Specials at Hand Papermaking

Hello everyone. Hand Papermaking has a promotion going this
month. Details follow. You can e-mail me for more info
<handpapermaking@bookarts.com> or check our website


Tom Bannister, tel: (800) 821-6604, fax: (301) 220-2394
Hand Papermaking, PO Box 77027, Washington, DC 20013

     March is New Subscriber Month at Hand Papermaking, and we
have a very tempting offer for anyone who has never subscribed to
Hand Papermaking magazine and newsletter. New subscribers who
place their order during the month of March will receive $10 off our
regular one year rate.
     Two copies of Hand Papermaking magazine are included per year
in a subscription, along with four copies of Hand Papermaking
Newsletter. The magazine features interviews, reviews, and in-depth
articles on a variety of topics within the field, including:
contemporary artistic approaches, craft techniques, historical  topics
and reference, international developments, and educational
initiatives. Articles are written by experts in the field, and each
magazine  includes at least one unique sample of handmade paper.
The newsletter  lists timely information about upcoming events. It
also has regular Q&A and  beginner=92s columns.
      Hand Papermaking is currently distributed world-wide with a
subscriber base of over 1200 individuals, museums, libraries and
universities. Our readership reflects the growing population of those
interested in this field for artistic, educational and environmental
reasons. I hope you will consider joining us.
      Annual subscriptions are normally $40 within the US, $45 to
Canada or Mexico, and $50 elsewhere. Take advantage of this
promotion and deduct $10. Your subscription will begin with the
April 1999 newsletter, then continue with the remaining magazines
and newsletters through April 2000. Your payment is due in advance.
      We can accept money orders, checks, or Visa/Mastercard (please
supply the card number and expiration date).You can also order by
calling (800) 821-6604.  We hope to hear from you during the month of
March, and to welcome you as a new subscriber to Hand

Handmade Paper in Nepal: Tradition and Change,
Hand Papermaking=92s third portfolio, is available for $195 postpaid.
Eighteen paper specimens, each in their own protective folder, are
showcased in a custom clamshell box, accompanied by a booklet
containing an essay, descriptions of the papers, a glossary and a
bibliography. The edition is limited to 150. A prospectus is available.
Order during March and receive a free back issue of Hand
Papermaking including articles on China, Burma, and Thailand (with
a sample of  =93Spirit Money=94).

Letterpress Printing on Handmade Paper was the theme of Hand
Papermaking=92s second portfolio, featuring sixteen juried works
produced by thirty-two respected papermakers and printers. A small
number of copies remain, priced at $195 postpaid.

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