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Re: classes

Hi, Lois,
Peters Valley Craft Center is in Layton, NJ and hosts some great classes in
book arts.  Doug Beube is teaching there this summer, I believe.  I have
taught there several times--the studio is large, full of light and
overlooks a beautiful habitat for wildlife.  Equipment for bookarts and
papermaking, sadly, is totally lacking; however, it is my understanding
that Ken, the dynamic new director, has launched a fundraising effort in
order to buy goodies, and I fully expect that in the next year or so,
perhaps by this summer even!, there will be a truly functional paper and
book facility operative chez Peters Valley.  For info, call 201 948-5200;
FAX is 201 948-0011.  Enjoy!
Susan Lightcap
Vessels of the Spirit
2 Wall St., Suite 106
Asheville, NC 28801828 232-0202

At 02:21 PM 3/1/99 EST, you wrote:
>Where is Peters Valley Crafters located?

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