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Re: Adhesive and tyvek

Hi Lavinia,
Did you let it dry enough?  Try using a tacking iron to readhere it to the
paper (if you don't have a tacking iron, just use a regular iron with a mild
setting and no steam).  The dry  PVA will act like a fusion-heat activated
I have a binding I made laminating 2 pieces of Tyvek together from about 8
years ago and and it hasn't separated yet.  I hope this helps.
Joseph A. Osina

-----Original Message-----
From: Lavinia Adler <laviniaa@JUNO.COM>
Date: Wednesday, March 03, 1999 5:05 PM
Subject: Adhesive and tyvek

>That recent thread re: tyvek inspired me to cut a mailing envelope apart
>to do a little experimenting. I didn't get far when I found that PVA
>doesn't adhere it to paper. I was able to peel the tyvek right off the
>paper sheet after the PVA had dried.
>What kind of adhesive have you found that works?
>Lavinia Adler

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