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Re: Old Letters

I was taught to unfold the papers, lay them between sheets of blotting
paper, gently press them with a coolish iron, and then back them, if
they're blank on the back, with a heat set tissue.  Alternatively, they can
be sandwiched between sheets of mylar for the copying.

At 02:11 AM 3/5/99 -0800, you wrote:
>Just received word a distant cousin has letters my gr. grandmother wrote
>to his grandmother.  He's willing to make copies but is concerned about
>unfolding thme and having them break--any suggestions on here for how to
>deal with them safely to make these copies and for the future.
>Thanks, Eileen E.
>Our lives are complicated juggling acts because we have so many kinds of
>choices.  We need to approach those choices with whatever power is
>available to us from God.   --   Aileen Clyde
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