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The following received awards at the annual BOOK EXPLORATIONS  exhibit sponsored
by The New Art Forum, Kingston,Massachusetts:

 Excellence in Structure, Imagery and Content:
First Place, Rose Folsom, (MD), "My Century in Your Face";
Juror's Commendation, Mary McCarthy (MA), "Tribal Alphabet";
Honorable Mention, Heather Hunter (England), "Image Angel";
Honorable Mention, Jackie Morse, (CA), "Joy".

  Excellence in Artistic Creativity:
First Place, Michael Jacobs, (WA), "Thread Heads";
Juror's Commendation, Marcia Buch (CT), "Jesse's Book";
Juror's Commendation, Nancy Callahan (N.Y.), "Cauliflower....";
Honorable Mention, Jody Alexander (MA), "Chumash Codex";
Honorable Mention, Leah R. Oates (IL), "Territory: a poem".

  Excellence in the Printed Book:
First place, Inge Bruggeman (CA),"Bad News";
Honorable Mention, Margery S. Helmann (WA), "To a Gravel Walk";
Honorable Mention, Elsi Vassdal Ellis (WA), "From the Heart".

  Special Commendation:
Calligraphic Interpretation, Carla Tenret (CA), "Creation";
Imagery and Content,Natasha L.Wing and Brenda Taxford (CA),"Fiona's Tea Party";
Collaboration, Kitty Maryatt's Bookarts Class (CA), "Sweet & Sour".

Many thanks to all who made possible this most interesting assemblage
of talent - thankyou for your dedication, your generosity and your goodwill
in supporting the book arts.

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