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Re: Papercraft Camps

When working with 6th grade and up students I have had success in teaching
Coptic bindings. Decorated boards combined with colored thread along with
the minimal use of glue makes for a nice project. Accordian-style books
works nicely with younger ones. Turn-ins on covers are a royal pain for kids
so I have had them paste on deco papers and sand-paper off the excess around
the edges. If glue is used in any project  a 50% paste to 50% PVA ratio will
L..E..N..G..T..H..E..N the set time so the kids can adjust and re-adjust
(and re-adjust). You have never seen what glue can do until you give it to a
group of 5th graders........

KT Pardue
WhiteRiver Studio
-----Original Message-----
From: Geoff Davis <gdavis@CCS.K12.IN.US>
Date: Friday, March 05, 1999 10:41 AM
Subject: Papercraft Camps

>This summer I will be combining my love for art with my experience as an
>elementary teacher by holding a series of art daycamps.  In the bookbing
>program kids will begin the week learning basic folding, measuring and
>cutting skills to make folders or small journals.  Mid week we will be
>playing with some printing and marbling.  At the end of the week the
>children will have developed a "scrapbook" around a theme of their
>choosing.  I've done most of these things with children in my clasroom, but
>never with the kind of focus that I will this summer.  I would like to hear
>from listmembers re: specifics in working with kids, improvising
>equipment/technique, economical sources for supplies.
>Many thanks,
>Geoff Davis
>The Art Department Studio Camps
>Noblesville, IN

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