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Re: Adhesive and Tyvek

>>Concerning Wisdom Adhevsive R172DT--who carries it?  Thanks!
Susan Lightcap>>

 H.E. Wisdom and Sons, Inc
 10275 Pacific Avenue
 Franklin Park, Illinois    60131
  Tel.   847-678-7750

>>BTW, can you share the address and/or phone #  of the place you purchase
the sheets of #10 tyvek that you mentioned in your post?
Kimberly Byerly<<

   I buy tyvek from Alling and Cory a large paper distributor in the
northeast (minus New England).  They have a website at www.allingandcory.com
where you can find their distribution centers.  Outside of their distribution
area I would recommend you contact  whatever large paper distibutor wholesales
to your area.  You will be looking for a distributor that serves the
printing/office market as opposed to the paper bag/packaging market.

Pete Jermann
Preservation Officer/Bookbinder
Friedsam Memorial Library
St. Bonaventure University
St. Bonaventure, NY 14778
Tel. (716) 375-2324

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