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Repairing and Binding Chinese Books

Repairing and Binding Chinese Books

I posted this message in mid-December, and prompted by the recent message
referring us to the British Library's truly wonderful International Dunhuang
Project site with its section on Chinese book forms, I am posting it again.

The following important monograph-size article on the binding and repair of
Chinese books is available in the current issue (Volume VIII, Number 1) of
The East Asian
Library Journal.

"The Repair and Binding of Old Chinese Books Translated and Adapted for
Western Conservators"

David Helliwell, Bodleian Library, Oxford has translated a Chinese book
written in the 1960s and finally published in Beijing in 1980 by Xiao
Zhentang, a man whose entire
career was devoted to repairing antiquarian Chinese books,  in collaboration
with a writer Ding Yu.

The 122 page article is illustrated with 52 drawings by Christopher Clarkson
and 16 photographs.

To Order:  Send check for US $30.00 (U.S. funds only)
                    This price includes priority mailing.

Payable to: Trustees of Princeton University

Address:     East Asian Library Journal
                      211 Jones Hall
                      Princeton University
                      Princeton, New Jersey 08540

Questions? :   Send e-mail messages to Nancy Tomasko at either of the
following addresses-

Volume VIII, Number 1 of the East Asian Library Journal also contains two
additional articles:
 Wai-ming Ng.  "The I CHING in Tokugawa Medical Thought"    and
 Martin Heijdra. "Who were the Laka? A Survey of Scriptures in the Minority
Languages of Southwest China"

Volume VIII, Number 2 will be a special issue devoted to the writings of
the poet Su Shi (1037-1101).  Annual subscriptions (two issues) to The East
Asian Library Journal are forty dollars (post paid) in North America and
fifty dollars (post paid) elsewhere.

I would love to hear any comments about David Helliwell's article from those
of you who have purchased it.  Your ideas will be helpful to the author and
the editors in the planning to turn the article out as a monograph.  [As an
aside, please don't hold your breath for the monograph.  It is likely to be
nice, with paper samples and all.  But as things go in the publishing world,
the monograph is very likely two or so years down the road..]

Looking forward to hearing from you,
Nancy Norton Tomasko,
Associate Editor, The East Asian Library Journal

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