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Re: links for CBA website

At 12:16 PM +0000 3/8/99, Jennifer Vignone wrote:
>I have a request to make. I am working on the web site for the center for
>Book Arts. We have a link for other book-art related sites and artists'
>sites. I am writing to everyone to ask that if they have a personal link or
>know of any excellent book art-related links

hi Jennifer,

Please, consider including my site, dedicated to typography.



Biblio@BoyBeaver, dedicated to the bibliographical preservation of the
history of Typography and the documentation of the men and women whose work
and dedication have brought this art to the present day.


The People
Lists the names of people in the field, their country and dates. This page
links to articles which detail their lives and the contribution they made,
and, we feel most importantly, we show many sample specimens of their
original work. The series begins with 7 in-depth profiles of: Nicolas
Jenson, Aldus Manutius, William Caslon, John Day, Johann Froben, William
Caxton, and Christophe Plantin.

Their Story
Typography is a field richly documented. Our aim is to present the story of
type through these works. And we go a little further, we present abstracts
and reviews, include contents at a glance symbols, and rate many of the
works based on their merit and achievement in furthering the art of
typography. Initially, about 400 books are listed in alphabetical sections
by title, and author. An additional part of the site lists books by general
publication dates in an attempt to present these works in the context of
their time.


Ignacio Frances


Create & Communicate with BoyBeaver Fonts

Biblio@BoyBeaver: The People & Their Story

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