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Looking For More Handmade Paper Makers

Does anyone know of paper makers making handmade papers, specifically
Floral Inclusion papers, other than, but similar to, Joe Zina, Richard
langdell, St. Armand, Carriage House, Twinrocker and Dieu Donne Papermill?

Thanks in advance!

Jason Thompson

                 r a g  &  b o n e  b i n d e r y

                 web:  http://www.ragandbone.com
                 fax:  401 455 3480
               voice:  401 455 3680
                mail:  one allens avenue
                       providence, rhode island 02903

                info:  handbound books, albums, journals,
                       guestbooks, clamshell boxes and more.
                       visit our web site to order on-line.

                       see you there!

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