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Re: Binding Structure

Contact Eric Alstrom <mailto:eric.c.alstrom@dartmouth.edu>. He came up
with a great structure for his binding in the Paper Bound show
He has the folios sewn on to tyvek strips which are cut out and hook into
a similar stub at the spine. Worked great.



Peter Verheyen, Listowner: Book_Arts-L

On Wed, 10 Mar 1999, Pamela Moore wrote:

> Dear Book Folks,
> I have a rather complicated bookbinding/conservation task that I am hopin=
> g
> some
> of the clever minds on this list might help me with.
> I have been requested to come up with a new binding structure for an old
> book which
> will allow for the folios, which have original drawings tipped onto them,=
> to lay =
> perfectly flat and also that the binding my be disassembled and
> reassembled.
> The reason is that the client is hoping to eventually make a facsimile of=
> this book and would like to, in the meantime, be able to show it as a boo=
> k,
> meaning
> turnable pages that are some how bound, not loose folios in a box, and th=
> en
> later
> be able to disassemble the entire thing in order to make photolithos etc.=
> etc.
> In the original binding from about 1850 the signatures have been made out=
> of
> two folios hinged together sometimes, sometimes with a folio folded insid=
> e
> two =
> folios hinged together, sometimes loose pages tipped onto the hinge befor=
> e
> two folios
> hinged together, in other words it is very inconsistant.  My idea until n=
> ow
> was to rehinge the enitire thing (which will have to be done regardless o=
> f
> the binding I use) with a wider hinge and elaborate a type of piano hinge=
> system, which will both open flat and can be dis and reassembled.  The
> problem
> however are the few folios that form the center fold of a hinged signatur=
> e.
> Am I expressing myself clearly here?  A six page signature, first two pag=
> es
> are a folio glued to a hinge, the second two pages a loose folio and then=
> the
> last two pages another folio glued to the other side of the hinge.  =
> I suppose that I could cut the loose folio in half and add a hinge to it =
> to
> the size I need, though it seems rather aggresive to me.  =
> Does anyone have any suggestions for alternatives or see things that I am=
> not seeing?  Any considerations would be much appreciated.
> Pamela  =
>  =

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