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New booklets from Seastreet Press

Dear Friends
        I have just published my next set of booklets on making books with
kids. They are a set of three geared to pre-K to 1st grade. They are :

Shapes and Colors: Making Books for Kindergarten
Shapes, Sizes, Colors, Opposites, Partners, Sorting

Sounds and Letters: Making Books for Beginning Readers
 Alphabet, Beginning Sounds, Ending Sounds, Short Vowels, Rhymes,

Patterns and Numbers: Making Books for Beginning Math
Sorting, Patterns, Numbers, Number Line, Coin Values

        Each is a 32 page saddle stitched booklet. Each project has a materials
list, step by step directions, and reproducible images that can be
copied, cut and pasted if you choose.

        The price is $5.95 each. One thing I learned from the first booklet,
Festivals of Light, is that I canít afford to send them postpaid. I
thought it would be easier not to have to deal with separate postage
costs, and it would be, but it doesnít make sense financially for me.
Thereís the cost of postage, the cost of envelopes, and the time it
takes. So the postage costs are: $1.75 for 1, $3.00 for 2 to 3, $3.75
for 4 to 12, and 5% of the order for over 12. MA residents also need to
add 5% for sales tax.
        If youíre interested, they can be ordered from Seastreet Press , Box
852, Newburyport, MA 01950.

in good spirit,

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