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NEW: The PAPER Paper

I know some people here are interested in paper-making and stuff, so I just
thought I'd forward this message for those of you who might be interested
in this new discussion list...

Ron :)

>Date:         Tue, 9 Mar 1999 17:56:02 -0800
>From:         "Douglas - modelshops.com" <modelshops@MODELSHOPS.COM>
>Subject:      NEW: The PAPER Paper
>Monthly or Bi-Monthly newsletter on paper crafting information.
>Sponsored by papershops.com.
>Information includes FREE download able images, techniques, project
>ideas and site offers free web space for anyone with paper related
>information to share.
>Subscribe at the following URL:
>Or, send an e-mail message including your name and address to
>newsletter@papershops.com - subject "SUBSCRIBE to newsletter".
>Owner: Douglas Stoutenburg <duggie3@yahoo.com>
>Best regards,
>Douglas Stoutenburg
>1227 De La Vina St.
>Santa Barbara, CA 93101
>Tel (805)963-1606 Fax (805)965-2414
>modelshops@modelshops.com  URL http://www.modelshops.com <<or>>
>papershops@papershops.com  URL http://www.papershops.com
>On our way to becoming internet's deepest, most comprehensive source of
>Tools, Materials and Information for, by and about people who make and
>repair things by hand.

Allow me to introduce my selves-> http://www.psymon.com
Art-> Every Angel Is Terrifying-> http://www.psymon.com/art/
A Letter To An Imaginary Friend-> http://www.psymon.com/letter/
Sterling Moon Specialty Coffees-> http://www.sterlingmoon.com

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