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Re: handmade sketch books

I once bought some very beautifully bound books for drawing in from TN
Lawrence in the UK.  I don't know if they still supply them, or how much
they cost at this stage, but they were sewn together with a pamphlet stitch
and had a hard cover.  The ones I bought, appropriate to my needs, were
about A6 size, but I understand that they were available in a variety of
sizes.    The paper of this book is wonderful.  I'm not sure exactly what it
is, but it feels like a Rosaspino, or something of that nature.  I also
understand that there is a choice of paper with which a book of this nature
is paged.

I recently came across some here (in South Africa).  This one, which I
bought (I'm sure it's an import from the USA) is thicker, but the paper is
not as soft - I think they've used something a little heavier than 90gsm.
They've also bound it with that glue that smells a little like vomit..
Unfortunately I had to buy it because of the currently bizarre Rand/Pound
exchange - but if you're in the States, shop around.  Unfortunately all my
books are unlabelled, so I can't give you further details.

Good luck in your search!
Robyn Sassen
R   O   B   Y   N      S   A   S   S   E   N      &      P   E   T   A
K   A   P   L   A   N
for Frodo Originals.  Owned by Peta and Robyn Originals cc
email : mephisto@global.co.za
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Date: Thursday, March 11, 1999 4:30 AM
Subject: Re: handmade sketch books

>And if anyone makes hardbound watercolor sketchbooks as well as handmade
>regular sketchbooks, could you please email me too?

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