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Re: discipline

I found Susan's discipline response to be quite on target. I've enjoyed
reading these and thinking about them, and wasn't going to reply, but I do
keep thinking. So.
    I, too, have problems with discipline. I go for long periods of time
letting my job (teaching) and my kids dictate my schedule. I say "If I had
more time." But lately I;ve begun to realize that I can usually make time for
soemthing I really want to work on. If I've got a book going or some writing,
I'll just keep doing it. And as my kids get older, it's gotten phenomenaly
easier. My oldest is away in college and my 17-yr-old is very much into art,
photogrpahy, writing, etc. So either she'll work with me, or she's very
understanding about mom just working right on thru dinner and having a
sandwich or picking something up. She's interested in my work, and I am in
hers. This has been one of the great rewards of parenting (with tennagers, you
do have to keep looking for those elusive rewards!). I still don't get nearly
as muchdone as I think I should, but it is getting better. Deadlines help.
Mine are usually self-imposed or chosen, but they do help. Becasue otherwise
it's too easy to put things off.
I have had a very long dry spell in terms of sending work out (we're talking
writing here) due to illness. I actually wrote but somehow lost my sense of
connectedness to any literary world. Making paper and making books has in some
way I can't explain helped me get back some of that sense of place in a world
of arts and lettes. This may not make a whole lot of sense--sorry. But I
thought I'd give it a try. thanks to all who have written on this. Laurie

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