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A question about a press

Fellow list people--I have inherited (so to speak, it's been abandonded for
all intents and purposes) a press, which I think is  a Chandler Price
clamshell press (manual). It's old, cobwebby, dusty. But it has a large chest
of type, all the fillers and shims, composing sticks, etc. Really looks to
have most if not all of what's needed. I have a tiny bit of experience working
on  a letterpress (in a museum), know quite a bit about type and design. Would
any of you care to hazard a guess about what my chances are of getting this
baby to print? It;s parked in the bacof a studio at the university where I
teach. I plan to move it home (no room at school) and set it up in a backyard
small buidling with a concrete floor and teach myself how to print with it. I
have what I think must be original posters used to instruct. They show each
stage of the compositor's work. And of course I have read and plan to read. My
daughter and friends with a truck are going to do the movig. So any helpful
hints, anyone??? Many thanks in advance. Laurie

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