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Re: A question about a press


I notice from your e-mail address (or, at least, assume) that you are in
Florida. There is a nice lttle printing museum, the Olde Mill House Gallery
& Printing Museum, located just outside the Yulee Sugar Mill Ruins State
Park in Old Homosassa run by a nice guy named Jim Anderson. Phone (352)
628-1081 or, outside Citrus County (888) 248-6672. Jim might be able to
help you get your press in operating condition or find missing parts. He is
knowledgable, enthusiastic, and helpful.

Several books have been mentioned on this list before dealing with
platen/clamshell presses. Ralph W. Polk wrote a couple which are useful:
"Elementary Platen Presswork" is the only one I can remember off hand.
There is a web site <http://www.typebooks.org> which may list more although
I think it specializes in typography rather than printing. Nonetheless, an
e-mail to the webmaster might bring other suggestions (in fact, he might be
lurking on the list).

I also recommend my humble web site <http:// www.cbbag.ca> which has an
extensive list of links to all manner of book arts related sites, including
a section on type & printing. Several of the sites listed there contain
lots of handy information about letterpress printing, platen presses, etc.

Finally, good luck and have a lot of fun.


Richard Miller <rmiller@peterboro.net>

The Canadian Bookbinders and Book Artists Guild website:


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