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Re: Commercial Printing Information Resource

Way to go!

[Hope I can keep up my part of the links! - Getting back to it mid-April,
but I just finished resurrecting the Orange Press - about which more

 On Mon, 15 Mar 1999, james wintner wrote:

>  The Printer Space website (http://www.printerspace.com) selected Colophon
> Page as its site of the week. As I was not familiar with the site, I paid a
> visit and found there a wealth of information related to the printing
> industry. I suspect that amongst all the resources for commercial printers
> there will be some useful to this list.
> Best wishes
> Jim Wintner
> http://colophon.com  Colophon Page
> http://photoarts.com PhotoArts

Paul Werner, New York City

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