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Re: LA area photocopying possibilities

In a message dated 99-03-16 14:17:44 EST, you write:

> using a Xerox Zoomer copier for reproductions. Has anyone used this
> machine before?
> Does anyone in Los Angeles know of a local Zoomer machine that we could
actually control ourselves and use our own paper?

>  If anyone has anymore machine suggestions I would love to hear them!

Hi Richenda,

I don't know what a Xerox Zoomer copier is--unless I know it by a different

Try Wilcopy on Wilshire Blvd., between San Vincente and Crescent Heights.

6380 Wilshire Blvd. Suite #100
Phone: (323) 653-3520
Fax: (323) 651-5865

Hours: Open 24 hours from 6 AM Monday until 6 PM Saturday. Open Sunday 11-6
Parking is easy but tricky the first time you do it. Pull into the parking
garage on Wilshire, at the east end of the 6380 building, and wind up to the
third floor parking area; take elevator to street level. Wilcopy validates

Contact the manager, Hector, at (323) 651-1677 before sending work for digital
services, or with questions. He's a great person and a valuable resource.

Technicians work with customers and many of the copiers--color included--are
self serve. They have every kind of copier I have ever heard of, Canons with
poster and even billboard capabilities, laminating, etc. They offer many
things other than copies--transparencies, design services, binding, etc.

They are one of the few copy centers that allow you to use your own art papers
and/or iron-on transfer paper (prints up to 11 x 17) in the Canon Laser

Other machines, which require their own special paper, produce almost
unlimited size prints--both black and white and full color work. These papers
are thin but can be laminated to varying weight boards.

Good luck with your project.

Mary Crest

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