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Re: looking for other "lists"

Karen (and everyone else),
I have links in the "Book Arts Links" section under the appropriate
headings to the Letterpress, Typography, Papermaking, and Calligraphy
lists. The URL is <http://www.dreamscape.com/pdverhey>. All links go
directly to their FAQ pages with full subscription information as well as
archives. The Calligraphy list is in the process of moving from the
"majordomo" system to OneList and it's web interface. Their FAQ was not
updated as of yesterday and it's not showing up on a OneList search yet
either. I did find two other funky paperarts types lists there.

I've been updating the list website and had to clean out a good number of
dead links but also managed to add more thanks to the suggestions of
subscribers and by following links back from my server logs. Take a look
and if you find more, let me know.



Peter Verheyen, Listowner: Book_Arts-L

On Wed, 17 Mar 1999, Karen Crisalli wrote:

> I'd like to know if there are other book arts-related "lists" out there, like
> this one but perhaps for related crafts: calligraphy, papermaking, printing,
> marbling, etc.  I'm not looking for "web sites" but specifically for "lists"
> to which one can subscribe.  Much like this one, where one can exchange e-mail
> with other subscribers.
> There used to be a calligraphy "list" but I am unable to find it at present.
> Is it gone? I have, however, found an address for LETPRESS, a letterpress
> printing "list".  If anyone can offer info on others, I'd appreciate hearing
> from you on this list; I'm sure there are several subscribers here who would
> be interested to see the responses as well.
> Thanks in advance, Karen L. Crisalli

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