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      WHAT'S NEW ON THE ABAA-booknet and booknet-international SERVERS?

           Here are recent changes or updates that you may not have
           seen. Offerings by various ABAA and other ILAB members are
           "hot-linked" directly to their booknet home pages.
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          NEW YORK BOOK FAIR (3/17/99)

               The 39th New York Antiquarian Book Fair, to
               be held in New York City, April 15-18, 1999
               has a new Web Site available at
               http://NewYorkBookFair.com. This year's Fair
               features 180 US and international ILAB
               dealers, and is America's premier book fair.
               Our Web Site brings you information about the
               Fair, its participants, and highlights of
               items to be available at the Fair.

          NEW ABAA MEMBERS (3/17/99)

               The ABAA Announces the Acceptance of Five New

             * A Thomas Budd, Idlewood Rare Books, of
               Lebanon, IN, Specializing in First Editions,
               Childrens' & Illustrated Books, Private
               Presses, Indiana Authors & History, Rockwell
               Kent, Limited Editions Club.

             * Judith A. Tuttle, J. Tuttle Maritime Books,
               of Madison, WI, Specializing in Maritime
               History, Naval History, Naval Architecture,
               Yachting, Shipmodels, Voyages & Travel,
               Whaling, Piracy, Steamships, Polar,
               Boatbuilding, etc.

             * Eugene L. Vigil, PhD, Antiquariat Botanicum,
               of Beltsville, MD, Specializing in Botany,
               Gardening/Horitculture, Color Plate, Science,

             * Michael Colon, Appelfeld Gallery, of New
               York, NY, Specializing in Fine Bindings,
               First Editions, Color Plate Books, Sets.

             * Michael D. Tennaro, Book Corner, of Brandon,
               FL, Specializing in Florida, Maritime,
               Pirates, Treasure, Shipwrecks, Aviation
          http://abaa-booknet.com/Locator   -
          MEMBER WEB SITE UPDATES (3/17/99)

               Five ABAA Members have announced new or
               updated Web Sites:

             * Argonaut Book Shop, of San Francisco, CA has
               established a new Web Site,
               http://www.argonautbookshop.com specializing
               in California, Western Americana, Western
               Exploration, Pacific Voyages, Rare Literature
               & Illustrated Books, Maps & Prints.

             * Savoy Books, of Lanesboro, MA has an new Web
               Site featuring Recent Acquisitions and
               Selections From Stock -- offering antiquarian
               books, pamphlets and manuscripts on
               horticulture, agriculture and related fields,
               as well as American, English and Continental
               material on a wide variety of subjects at

             * Leonard Fox, Ltd., of New York, NY has fully
               udated their Web Site,
               http://www.foxrarebooks.com offering 20th
               Century Illustrated Books and Livres
               d'Artiste, also Watercolors, Prints & Other
               Original Works of Art.

             * The Lawbook Exchange, of Union, NJ has posted
               March 1999 Short List, Recent Acquisitions
               and Special Offers to their Web Site,

             * Edward J. Lefkowicz, of Providence, RI has
               posted Catalog 22 -- Rare Books & Mss.
               Relating to the Sea & Its Islands, & to
               Nautical Science at http://www.saltbooks.com

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               Dawson's Rare Books, of Los Angeles, CA has
               posted their Winter 1999 Dawson's Book News,
               with new books and information on their
               monthly Los Angeles Salon, along with
               Catalogue 540: Western Americana and On Line
               List "Marbling". New Lists in the
               ABAA-booknet Search =97 Browse =97 Order On-Line
               Dynamic Catalogue format.
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