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An Exciting Job

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The Columbia College Chicago Center for Book and Paper Arts seeks an
Executive Director to replace the retiring Director. The Center is dedicated
to futhering knowledge and appreciation of the book, paper, and printing
arts.  The Center is part of Columbia College's Interdisciplinary Arts
Department, and through it offers the MFA and MA degrees as well as a full
community non-credit program.  The Center also has a gallery exhibition and
publication schedule, public lecture series, residency program and outreach
programs.  These programs rely upon public and private funding.  The Director
is expected to provide leadership in creative development to enliven and
enhance the Center's mission.  This position carries Faculty status in the
Interdisciplinary Arts Department and involves curriculum development,
student recruitment, staff and faculty planning and supervision, as well as
teaching one class per semester.  The successful candidate will have a
Master's degree in a related discipline and at least five years of
administrative experience in either university or non-profit institutional
management.  This experience should include budget development, fundraising,
staff management, and creative problem solving.  The candidate should have a
national reputation and a high profile in the field.

Candidates should send a letter of application, resume, salary history, and
work samples with SASE to:

Book and Paper Arts Search Committee
Interdisciplinary Arts Department
Columbia College
600 South Michigan Ave.
Chicago, IL 60605

Columbia College Chicago does not discriminate in its hiring based on age,
race, gender, religion, sexual orientation or disability.

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