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Taking Duchamp to Another Level

Hi All,

Y'know, if Ms. Shearer were sneaky/smart enough this might be a fantastic
post-modern comment on 20th century art critique. But then even if it's not
it borders the absurd so fantastically as to eligible for Dada.

Maybe she's more aligned with Duchamp than she thinks....

I'm still fascinated by him myself, and even if her research is legitimate
don't think it changes anything.


Martin McClellan

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> Subject: Re: Taking Duchamp to Another Level
> IMHO the term, "Get a Life", was created for people like Ms. Shearer.
> Her work on proving that Duchamp's "readymades" were actually altered by
> him is probably just a reaction-formation to her husband's scholarly -
> and fascinating - works on natural history.    And the art critics
> involved in this 'tempest in a urinal' silliness are *definitely* being
> influenced by Poincare's "concept of the fourth dimension" rather than
> remaining in the sphere of Duchamp's "three-dimensional shadows"....They
> should all relax and just go to the movies!
> Thanks, Peter, for a most interesting and enjoyable article. Like you I
> still enjoy Duchamp's work....
> Cheers, Sunny Howard

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