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Re: Can you help me find Printing supply sale in Pennsylvania

hi patty= I'm in Pittsburgh but don't remember this particularly.  I do
think I read of some (very high priced professional price, that is, not
hobbyist's price for sale of something printish, but did not pay much
attention .  I will think and email you alter.  Well=  now it comes
back, and thiws may not be very helpful, but it would only have been
through the classifieds of the Pittsburgh Post Gazette that I would have
read it.  To go online to these
would be the way to look through them.  Later, I will be able to find
the spot in my bookmards to get these online, if you don't know
already.  So let me know if you need help with this later when I'm able
to see my bookmarks (no glasses on now) and, i'll forward that url to
you.  Meanwhile, good luck, and===where in PA are you?

Olivia Hibel

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