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Re: looking for other "lists"

Hi Karen,

The Cyberscribes calligraphy list is now at Onelist:
PaperMaking is also there.
Subscribe to Paper-L (Fine art printmaking, papermaking,& bookarts) by
sending a message to
LISTSERV@LISTSERV.ND.EDU  (I think in the body of the message write

I'm sure there are printing lists but I am not familiar with them.

in Atlanta

Karen Crisalli wrote:
> I'd like to know if there are other book arts-related "lists" out there, like
> this one but perhaps for related crafts: calligraphy, papermaking, printing,
> marbling, etc.  I'm not looking for "web sites" but specifically for "lists"
> to which one can subscribe.  Much like this one, where one can exchange e-mail
> with other subscribers.
> There used to be a calligraphy "list" but I am unable to find it at present.
> Is it gone? I have, however, found an address for LETPRESS, a letterpress
> printing "list".  If anyone can offer info on others, I'd appreciate hearing
> from you on this list; I'm sure there are several subscribers here who would
> be interested to see the responses as well.
> Thanks in advance, Karen L. Crisalli

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