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Popular Choice

We have had  queries about the popular vote expressed during BOOK
EXPLROATIONS  '99.  Here are the top six:

The absolutely most popular book was JESSE'S BOOK, by  artist Macia Buch of
of Connecticut, made in memory of and in the image of her dog pal Jesse.
The book cover, about 12" high, is made up of hinged hard-covered panels
opening in different directions to sections of artwork, commentary and 3-D
shapes all having to do with Jesse's life.  When all are closed you see the
(dog shaped) image of Jesse.
 For example, the "head" opens outward to reveal one booklet, the left and
right sides and middle part of the dog's image open to reveal other
booklets or artwork. The whole is very sturdily made and well executed.
doggie was black with white "trim" )  Congratulations, Marcia.

The other favorites were:

CHUGASH CODEX by Jody Alexander, made of irregularly shaped handmade paper
with handmade-stamp pictoglyphs The folios are  bound together with sinew
inside fire-brick and driftwood covers all of which fits into a lashed
patinaed copper container. (Jody will be leading a workshop here on this
style of bookmaking using found (or deliberately chosen) materials June 28
- July 1)

JOY by Jackie Morse of California - a dark red hard covered book
beautifully hand built with printed text, images,  an envelope enclosure
and a fold-out all expertly executed.

DREAMS & SHADOWS by Cindy Stiteler of  New Mexico,  a 3-D black box book
with  artistically designed compartments and mysterious text and ephemera.

SALSA by Anne Bingham of Washington, a small tunnel book with a recipe
booklet attached to the cover adjacent to the 3-D see through  diorama of
the veggies and implements used in making the salsa.  A colorful, humorous
to view, and exquisitely made.

FOXHOLE by Julie E. Harris of Missouri, an eye opening surprise of a book
as it features a real fox head ( minus skull) attached to triangular
earth-toned fold-out pages  with  hand written script concerning  ecology &

Thank you to all who visited, viewed, and voted.


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