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Re: Where are the old books?

Near you, in Dallas, Bridewell Library at SMU, they have one of the few
surviving Chinese Torah scrolls, in addition to many other early books.

Hereford Cathedral, Oxford, England, has a large chained library (nearly
300 volumes).

In Austin, the Harry Ransom Library contains many old/notable books, including
a Gutenberg Bible.

The library at Univ. of Leeds (England) keeps their oldest books in a vault
through which the steam heating lines run.  Gives 'cooking the books' a whole
new meaning (that was in 1986; can't say if they've moved anything).


Date:    Sun, 21 Mar 1999 10:04:14 -0800
From:    "Malcolm T. Upton" <malcolm@UPTONS.NET>
Subject: Where are the old books?

I'm doing some preliminary research for a novel and have a question.  Where
are the "best" collections of old and rare books?  I'd also like to know why
you think those collections are the best.

Jack C. Thompson
Thompson Conservation Laboratory
7549 N. Fenwick
Portland, OR  97217

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