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Free Small Press Book Fair this weekend

For Immediate Release, Contact: Karin Taylor, 212/764-7021


Over 200 small presses will be taking part in one of the nation’s leading book
fairs for independent publishers, the Small Press Book Fair on Saturday, March
27th  (10am to 6pm)  and Sunday March 28th (11am to 5pm) at the Small Press
Center, 20 West 44th Street, New York.  The Fair will be a treasure-trove of
unique books, with publishers selling a varied selection of titles.  Admission
to the fair and all events is free.  In addition to an exhibit on Louisa May
Alcott and the Readers and Writers Cafe,  there will be a number of special
events.  Highlights include:

Saturday March 27th
10.30am to 1.30pm - Readings from noted small press authors.

2pm to 3.30pm - Barney Rosset Program - Barney Rosset, the extraordinary
driving force behind Grove Press and the influential publisher of such writers
as Henry Miller, Samuel Beckett, Jean Genet, William Burroughs and Allen
Ginsberg, will be honored with an hour long program that will discuss Mr.
Rosset’s  contribution to independent publishing.   Participating in the
program with Mr. Rosset will be: Nat Hentoff, Kent Carroll of Carroll and Graf
Publishers, Martin Garbus and John Oakes of Four Walls Eight Windows.

4pm to 5pm - Books on Demand and Electronic/Internet Publishing -   In only a
few years, traditional forms of publishing have begun rapidly to change.
Michael Josefowicz of Red Ink Productions will talk about the new technology
that enables ultra-short-run books to be produced on demand.  Philip Harris of
Electron Press is a publisher who has completely sidestepped established
methods of publishing and publishes exclusively on the Internet in an
electronic form. Mr. Harris with distinguished author, Arthur Herzog, will
discuss the pros and cons of electronic publishing. Electron Press is
republishing a number of Mr. Herzog’s books,  including  “Heat,” “Vesco - From
Wall Street to Cuba,” and  “17 Days - The Katie Beers Story.”

Sunday March 28
11.30am - 1.30pm   Readings by New England Authors, spotlight on New England
Small Presses.

2 to 3.15pm - “Louisa May Alcott: Dynamic Author”  - Talk and Performance by
Jan Turnquist, Historian and actress.  Followed by a short talk by Kate Giel.
Miss Turnquist brings Louisa May Alcott to life, a blend of stage drama and
living history.  The audience will be invited to “travel back in time” to meet
and interact with Miss Alcott who will be searching for Thomas Niles of
Roberts Brothers Publishers (the small press who originally published “Little
Women”). At 3pm, Kate Giel, publisher and editorial director of Okey Doke
Productions, will talk about creating a new edition of Alcott’s fantasy,
Flower Fables. Each  year, an accomplished author whose writing career started
through small presses is chosen to represent the spirit of small publishing.
Louisa May Alcott has been selected as the Small Press Center’s Author of the
Year for 1999.
Louisa May Alcott Exhibit - Throughout the weekend there will be a special
exhibit on Louisa May Alcott organized by Orchard House,  “home of the
Alcotts,” that will enable visitors to enter a time capsule and be immersed in
the life and times of Louisa May Alcott.

For general information on the Fair, please call: 212-764-7021, fax:
212-354-5365.  E-mail at: smallpress@aol.com or visit the SPC website at
smallpress.org. Or write: Small Press Book Fair, 20 West 44th Street, New
York, NY  10036.

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