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Daige's Rollataq was Re: Query Paste

I love Daige's Rollataq!  It has drastically reduced pasting time, time in
the press and curl.  There are still things that I'd rather paste, but I'm
sold on this product.  I'd love to hear from others and their experiences.


At 07:54 AM 3/24/99 +0100, Martin R. Carbone wrote:
>  Tom Fenn wrote:  I have been using cooked paste to repair books. The
>problem is that when it dries it's hard as concrete. This presents problems
>when the repair is made on the hinge. I have tried PVA and the results are
>the same. Any suggestion? ... snip
>We have been using the adhesive that comes in Daige's Rollataq to laminate
>paper to cardstock and believe that it stays flexible because the paper
>doesn't show signs of cracking when scored and folded. Because it sems to
>work so well, we are selling it at <http://www.papershops.com> as a
>complementary product to our Boxmakers. We are admittedly new to
>laminating. Anybody else have experience with this product? If you buy from
>our website -- there is a full absolute guarantee of satisfaction -- so you
>can buy and try and return for full refund if it doesn't suit you. By the
>way -- you do not need the applicator -- it can be applied with a brush.
Geoff Davis
The Art Department Studio Camps
Bookbinding, Printmaking and Photography
Noblesville, IN

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