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Re: re-cycled paper scratchpad

We have been making pads with our leftovers for a few years now and use
just about any pva, or the like left at the bottom of the pot. Seems to
be fine !  Just my cent worth.

martin wrote:

> This is called padding cement and any printing supply house carries it
> --
> any printer can buy it for you and probably will if you ask. If you
> can't
> find a local source -- ask and I will get some for you. I also bet
> that any
> white (poly vinyl acetate) glue will work. Have never tried just white
> glue
> -- but most likely -- that is what padding cement is. Also --- if you
> melt
> hot melt glue sticks in a flat dish -- either pyrex or metal and then
> dip
> the edge of the paper stack in the liquid glue -- that will give you a
> paper pad. Also -- we sell some pressure sensitive glue slugs -- if
> you
> melt them and dip as described above -- it makes a great pad -- or a
> book
> that opens completely flat.
> >I recycle all my printer's usable paper.  If I stack it after it's
> cut, what
> >kind of paste can I use on the "spine" to make a pad? Thanks ahead of
> time to
> >the multitudes who will reply!
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