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DJ again

Sonja and Peter, guess I have to clarify.

I) I personally wouldn't care if Donald Jackson had been hired by NAMBLA
(North American Man-Boy Love Association). However, a number of readers of
WOID have asked me to report on this event, and I was duty-bound to inform
them that the New York Public Library/Astor Foundation had been used for a
religious function cloaked behind: a) a misleadingly advertised press
conference; b) a questionable concept of ecumenicism, and c) an appeal to
widespread interest in the book arts.

II) Since this is a book-arts list, my main question was whether IN THIS
PARTICULAR CASE what I perceived as less than forthright was reflected in
Jackson's work. Well, I just read in the NY Times that the Bible's
layout will be determined by the patrons, not the artist. If you re-read
my article you'll notice that it's the layout that bothered me most at the
time. Case closed.

Paul Werner, New York City

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