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Bookbinding Competition Information

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Here is the information on the DeGolyer Triennial.

Please note that the deadline to submit intentions to participate has
been extended to 31 March 1999.

You may want to fax your intent to the attention of Sally Key at

The 2000 Helen Warren DeGolyer
Triennial Exhibition & Award for American Bookbinding

Bridwell Library of the Perkins School of Theology at Southern Methodist
University is soliciting entries for the second Helen Warren DeGolyer
Triennial Exhibition & Award for American Bookbinding to be held in
Dallas, Texas in May 2000.  This Triennial has been established by the
Heirs of Helen Warren DeGolyer to honor her memory and love of the book
arts and to promote the art of fine bookbinding in the United States.
The award will be a $5000 commission to bind a Bridwell Library book;
Honorable Mention recipients will be awarded a cash prize of $500.  A
conference on bookbinding is scheduled to take place at Bridwell Library
in conjunction with the Exhibition opening in May 2000.

Open to all bookbinders who are American citizens living either in the
U.S. or abroad, and to resident aliens living in the U.S.

February 1, 1999 - Call for Entries
March 15, 1999  --   Deadline for return of Entry Form
March 30, 1999  --   Detailed information about the selected book to
October 1, 1999 --   Deadline for receipt of all artwork with
description of biographical sketch
November 1999 --   Notification of inclusion in the DeGolyer Triennial
Exhibition; return of books and designs not selected for exhibition
December 1999  --   Announcement of complete information about the
DeGolyer Triennial Conference to be published
May 2000  --   Second Helen Warren DeGolyer Triennial Exhibition and
Award ceremonies during conference on bookbinding, Dallas, TX.

Each entrant will provide one design for binding a book selected from
Bridwell's collections.  Bridwell Library will provide pertinent
information about the work and will send a photocopy sample of the
book's printing to the binder by  the end of March 1999. (See enclosed
description of selected book.)
The proposed design must depict the future binding clearly, must be in
actual size of open binding, and mounted on acid free material.  Size of
mounting board should be larger than actual size of design: 3 inches on
top and sides and 4 inches on its bottom.
Full color design is welcome (colored drawing, painting, stencils,
collage, monotype, etc.) but technique is at the discretion of the
artist.  If samples of materials are included, please glue them to
bottom margin of board.  Margin may also be used for perspective
drawings, detail, design for edges, or notes about design.  A second
panel may be provided, if necessary, for design of doublures and/or
technical drawings.
Every artist must also submit one of her/his own design bindings,
preferably showing the binding structure and some decorative technique
which is to be used in the proposed design.  The submitted binding must
have been completed within the last five years.  Each entry book must be
submitted in a slipcase or protective box.  A book submitted in a
decorative box which forms part of the total design must also be placed
in a protective case or box.

The Jury for this competition will be made up of the following six
     Decherd Turner, Chair
     Valerie R. Hotchkiss, Dir. of Bridwell Library
     Sally Key, Conservator, Bridwell Library
     Edith DeGolyer, DeGolyer Estate
     A Representative of the Dallas Craft Guild
     Don Etherington, Winner of the 1997
        DeGolyer Award

Bridwell Library will publish a full color catalog with each binder's
design, sample book, and biographical information.  Every participant
will receive one copy of the catalog.

Book to be Bound
James Joyce, Ulysses.  The first edition.  Printed for Sylvia Beach by
Maurice Darantière at Dijon, and published by Shakespeare and Company,
1922.  Number 313.[10], 732,[1] p. 24 cm.  In original blue paper

The winner of the Triennial Award will receive a $5000 commission for
the completion of her/his design for Ulysses.  The winner will also
serve on the Jury of the next Triennial in 2003.  In addition, up to
three Honorable Mention awards will be made in the amount of $500 each.
All of the winning designs become the property of Bridwell Library.

Insurance & Shipping
Each binder will be responsible for insurance of the items until they
are received in Bridwell Library.  Upon receipt in the Library,
insurance becomes the responsibility of the Library and remains so until
the items are returned to the binder.  Binders living outside the U.S.
are responsible for all in-transit insurance; Bridwell will be
responsible only for insurance on those items while they are in the
Bridwell Library will ship items back to Entrants only within the United
States.  Entries from foreign countries must make other return shipping

Additional Information
Please call Valerie Hotchkiss [214 768-1867] for information or if you
have any questions.  Entry form may be duplicated.  Please print or type
all information and return to Bridwell Library by March 15, 1999.

The 2000 Helen Warren DeGolyer
Triennial Exhibition & Award for American Bookbinding
(Please print)



DAYTIME PHONE:_________________________ FAX:_______________________


Are you also interested in participating in the May 2000 Conference?
Yes_____   No _____
Yes, I would like to propose/lead a workshop or deliver a paper.
Details:  ______________________________________

The Helen Warren DeGolyer
Triennial Exhibition & Award for American Bookbinding
Bridwell Library, S.M.U.
P.O. Box 750476
Dallas, Texas, U.S.A.  75275-0476

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