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Binding problem

Help with this from list members would be much appreciated!

I had a commission to make two large photo albums. The client chose a very
thin paper to cover the boards. I devised what I thought was a workable
system for using this paper involving two sets of boards (heavy and thin)
cemented together with mull between them at the hinge (please don't all of
you laugh at once). With very limited use, the mull has now cracked open on
one of the albums. I am sure the second album will follow suit in due time.
Obviously, I have to redo the covers. What can I use, either to back the
paper or to fit between the boards at the hinge site, to make this joint
flexible and strong? Please keep in mind that I know nada about leather of
any kind, and that the client wants this very thin paper to show edge to
edge, i.e., I can't use a bookbinder's cloth just at the hinge edge. Thanks
for any and all suggestions! Barbara Harman

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