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Re: Fabric covers for books

>I have been trying to bind books using fabric for the covers. First I back
>the fabric with paper, using wheat paste. Then, when I repaste the backed
>fabric to get it onto the covers, the fabric separates from the backing
>paper. How do I fix this problem? What's the ideal adhesive to stick the
>backed fabric on to the binder's board? Thanks everyone!

I've seen people use fabric without backing.  They seem to have no problems
with the PVA bleading through (which was my first thought when they told me
what they were intending to do).  They glue up the board, lay the cloth
down and...that's it.  Scares me to no end.  I know that if I decide to try
it I'll pick the one or two clothes that **will** blead through.  :)

So I guess my comment is really, do you need to back the cloth at all?


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