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a web source

The message below was on the list for the Council of East Asian Librarians.
There is good text and illustrations about the history of Japanese books,
and other topics.  You do need a couple of plug-ins for full appreciation.

Cathy Atwood
Missouri Secretary of State's Office
Our online journal, "The Book & The Computer" [<http://www.honco.net>],
published in English and Japanese, provides a unique forum for an
international cast of writers, academics, journalists, and technologists to
debate and reflect on issues created by the meteoric rise and increasing
prominence of the Internet and other electronic media. What is the future
of the printed word? Can books survive the onslaught of digital media or
will they morph into something completely different? Will the Web
encourage a new kind of writing, one that targets a cross-cultural, global

Until now, most of the discussion concerning these and similar topics has
been confined to technology magazines (and the occasional opinion piece in
a newspaper or book review). Since our premiere online issue (August
1998), "The Book & The Computer" has featured articles and interviews
ranging from the Internet explosion in China to the print on demand
movement in Europe to a worldwide panel debating English as the lingua
franca of the Web. We are the only journal devoted exclusively to the
future of writing, reading, publishing, communication, and information
exchange -- everything that constitutes what we call print culture.

To date, our writers have come from nearly every corner of the global
village: Japan, France, Thailand, Sweden, China, Italy, Korea, Chile,
Germany, Taiwan and the United States. We are especially committed to
presenting viewpoints beyond the usual Western sphere of influence and
opinion. Print culture has a long history in most societies on this planet
and the impact of digital media and technology affects all of us, in
sometimes radically different ways.

Currently, we have uploaded four issues of "The Book & The Computer" and
are now publishing on a monthly basis. We have offices in Japan (Tokyo)
and the U.S. (San Francisco Bay Area) and are sponsored by Dai Nippon
Printing, the largest print company in the world. Our March issue
(featuring articles and reports from Asia, Europe, Latin America and the
U.S.) is now available online. We invite you to visit our site and sample
both this journal and our back issues, accessible through our archive.

For interviews or more information, please contact:

Kenji Muro Jim Vaccaro
Editor In Chief Associate Editor
The Book & The Computer The Book & The Computer
Phone: (510) 595-1302 Phone: (510) 527-7637
Fax: (510) 595-1301 E-Mail: zbjv@sirius.com <mailto:zbjv@sirius.com>
E-Mail: kenjim@dnai.com <mailto:kenjim@dnai.com>

Muro Kenji
510-595-1302 (Office)
510-595-1301 (FAX)
3-3266-4270 (Tokyo Office)
3-3266-2499 (Tokyo FAX)

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