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Re: Fabric covers for books

Dear Duncan -   As an experiment after a discussion on enhancing fabric for
use on book covers the following was done using   8" x 10" pieces of very
light weight cotton fabric placed on sheets of waxed paper:

1.Arrowroot paste was cooked up and brushed on the back side of cloth sample #1.
2.The arrowroot paste was mixed 1:1 with gel matte medium and used on sample #2.
3.Sobo glue,alone, was used on the back of a  third fabric sample.
4.Gel matte medium, alone, was brushed onto the back of sample #4.

The resulting stiffness of the dried cloth increases from #1 through #4 (
#4 being the stiffest.) There was no bleed through as all the above
coatings were
fairly thick; each sample was dried, ironed, labelled as to coating, stored
for at least 2 years and  later on successfully glued onto 1/8" book board
using adhesive brushed onto the board and dried under pressure.

 I "think" that because of the sealing of the fabric from the back that the
adhesive could probably be applied to the fabric instead of the
bookboard...if you would like......but in any case,  it wouldnt take too
long to experiment with this and make your own set of directions for silk
or any kind of cloth.
The paste must be fairly thick but EASILY BRUSHABLE . (Dilution with too
much water might cause bleed through to the front side of the fabric(s)).

Good luck! Let us know what you decide to do.

at Saltwinds Yankee Barn Workshop

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