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Re: Talking about adhesives

Post way.

I use Methycellulose and PVA in a 50/50 mixture and it works great. The
Methylcellulose I mix up in about a 10% solution, adding the powder to
about a quarter of the final volulume's worth of HOT water. This makes
mixing much easier. I then top of with cold, stir and put in the fridge so
it can swell up. This also eliminates clumping.

Then just mix.

Is it archival. That depends on your definition. It's far more reversible
than straight PVA, but there will always be some residue left over.
Depending on the PVA you use it's fine. Remember, whether something is
archival or not depends on the sum of its parts and how they're put
together. Archival is probably one of the most over/mis-used words out



Peter Verheyen, Listowner: Book_Arts-L

On Wed, 7 Apr 1999, Suhag Shirodkar wrote:

> Talking about adhesives, does anybody use a PVA and CMC (carboxy methyl
> cellulose) combination? I once apprenticed with a bookbinder who did. She
> said it dried more slowly than pure PVA and so gave her more time to work,
> especially with large sheets of paper or fabric. However, she never showed me
> how she mixed them, or in what proportions.
> I have some CMC lying around, so would love to know how to use it. Would a
> PVA-CMC combination be "archival"?
> Thanks all!
> Suhag
> (Peter, if you think I am posting too many questions, let me know and no
> offence will be taken. It's just that I think this list is such a great
> resource)

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