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Re: Fabric covers for books -Reply

In a message dated 99-04-07 08:58:58 EDT, you write:

> On the other hand, we have an obligation to support our fellow book
>  artists, so I say buy the book (it's excellent!) from Ed at Book Central
>  and feel good about having helped a worthy, talented, incredibly generous
>  artist/teacher/amazing spirit to survive!
>  Best to all,
>  Susan

I second the motion. If you have never ordered from Ed, you are in for a
treat. It's like going to your favorite hometown pub where everyone knows
your name. He deserves high praise for how he has designed and conducts his
business. I don't know how he accomplishes the nearly instant turnaround
delivery time. It seemed like I ordered, I opened the front door and there
the books were on the porch. I looked around to see if Ed was in the bushes!
Inside the package was a great little book structure holding  my actual
order, the receipt, a little bookmark, and a coupon for saving money on the
next order. In my case, (orders over $50), there was a free artists' book--a
tunnel book--as well.

Ed is scouring the countryside as we speak, to gather books of value
addressed to our specialized interests. Do yourself a favor. Support him.

http://www.artistbooks.com/  --  This URl takes you to Editions, Book
Central, and in formation on Ed's annual book art conference, Jamboree, held
in N.Y.

Mary Crest

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