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Re: Paper Lampshades

I've used a lampshade from JoAnn Fabrics (also known as Cloth World and
other names).  There are different shade sizes and you just pull off a
release sheet (and use it as a pattern) and your handmade paper sticks to
the shade.  The first time I used a stiff paper, so I also ran a line of PVA
at the seam.  The adhesive layer on the shade would be fine for lighter

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From: Suhag Shirodkar [mailto:Suhags@AOL.COM]
Sent: Wednesday, April 07, 1999 7:24 PM
Subject: Paper Lampshades

Does anybody know what kind of plastic is used to back handmade paper when
is used to make a lampshade? I think it comes with adhesive on one side and
is heat resistant. Where can I get it?

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