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Re: Archival

Archival simply means that the materials involved can be
used for very long term storage of the artifacts without
causing additional deterioration of the artifact beyond what
is already inherent.  Mylar dust jacket covers, paper money
holders, document display covers, all with no PVC content,
acid free envelopes for coins, acid free wax for
preservation, acid free labels, etc. etc. Some of these
materials are a compromise and cause minimal deterioration.
Some materials, like wood,  can result in slight toning of
silver or copper based artifacts or coins [not always

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>I'm certain I will get some disagreement with my reply,
>and there are some disclaimers, but, generally 'archival'
>acid free and easily reversible without using something
that might
>further damage the item.
>Jane Brown
>--On ThuTu, Apr4822199997 1:37 AM -0400 "Olivia Hibel"
><olivia@GHPLUS.INFI.NET> wrote:
>> Would you tell a newcomer what "archival" does mean in
this context?
>> Thank You.
>> Olivia Hibel

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