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Following the "Archival" thread ---

I invented a $19.95 Tabletop Boxmaker that is currently selling well in the
craft market. It can be used by collectors to make Archival storage boxes,
folders, binders, slip boxes and envelopes out of Archival Cardstock.

The boxmakers should be of interest to individual collectors as well as
libraries and museums and to people who make products for these markets.

Check out the Boxmaker on our website -- http://www.papershops.com

I would appreciate any suggestions with regard to dealers we can contact
who might like to sell our Boxmakers. We have some craft dealers listed on
our site and are looking for dealers in other fields --- such as
bookbinding, library and museum suppliers.

Reply through our website or to me at mrcinc@silcom.com

Martin R. Carbone / 1227 De La Vina St. / Santa Barbara, CA 93101
TEL: 805-965-5574 / FAX: 805-965-2414 / EMAIL: mrcinc@silcom.com
WEBSITES: http://www.papershops.com <<<and>>> http://www.modelshops.com
<<<and>>> http://www.silcom.com/~mrcinc

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