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Re: Paper Lampshades

In a message dated 4/8/99 6:29:14 PM, joycej@MUSKOX.ALASKA.EDU writes:

<< but mostly I've
wondered how one makes a safe lampshade out of paper.  The fire risk
has always scared me out of trying it.  Does anyone have any advise or
stories or comments about this?>>

Paper has been used for lampshades for years...long before all these "new
plastics. The trick is watching the wattage of the light bulb, and of course
the distance of the bulb from the shade. There IS a commonly available
fiberglass material which comes in roles that seems to have taken over since
paper and silk and other fabrics have gone by the wayside. It can often be
found in craft stores.
BTW a good source of lamp shade frames is your local junk store or Salvation
Army. Look for the ones that are dirty or torn....you are recovering
anyway...as they will often give them to you.

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