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Etherington Conservation Center moves

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As of April12th, the Etherington Conservation Center will be at the
following address, with new telephone and fax numbers.

7609 Business Park Drive
Greensboro, NC 27409

Phone: (336) 665-1317
Toll Free: 877-391-1317

Email: ECC@icibinding.com

We are also pleased to announce the following changes.  Our new
Office Administrator is Viga Piston (pronounced "via").  Harry
Campbell, Senior Conservator, has taken on the role of developing
the Document Reproduction Services, as the demand is growing.
Brenda Parsons, Supervisory Conservator will now be responsible
for the day to day operations of the conservation lab.

PLEASE don't respond to this posting directly as I'm writing it from
home, but reply to the email address given above.

Jake Benson
Assistant Conservator
Etherington Conservation Center

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