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Re: The Myth About Barnes & Noble

    TRY   ABE  (Advanced Book Exchange) when looking for out of print,
rare, or used books.
     Or, Bibliocity.    Or, BIBLIOFIND.

          Barnes and Noble is fine for the person working in the office
across the street and who has no computer.
    But where do you think B&N gets its out of print rare and used
books?  Recently in THE NEW YORKER<
    B&N had a full page ad saying, something like:  if we can't get the
book for you, no one can.

    Well, all they do is "search" the databases of ABE and others: try
MX BOOKFINDER (not the one in England, but the one owned by Anirvan
Chaterjee).  They search online for the books of thousands of
booksellers like me, and, they raise the price anywhere from 20 to 50
percent.  (This is on used and rare books remember, not new).
       By the way, on Bookfinder, there were about 5 copies of the
Japanese bookbinding book, $25, $29, and up to $34.

But the point is that is you can actually, in the out of print and used
market, get books for much less than b&n.
What's more, in neighborhoods which do have bookstores, like mine in
Ptsbg, the small neighborhood bookstores have been forced to go out of
business, because they cannot compete with b&N.

Olivia Hibel
Benzion Hibel Graphic Arts & Books

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