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B&N Postscript

By the way, in my impassioned encouragement of small specialty bookshops
and of independent booksellers, I do not mean to stamp out B&N.
           As a matter of fact, I do love the store B&N, as a place to
buy books for an evening's entertainment.
           Many times have gone there as a "date", to browse, explore,
buy books I would not otherwise have
 known about, and, have great coffee. Also, one winds up running into
one's friends at a B&N.l

           Why, one can even quickly sum up  approximately how urban
rather than rural a suburb is, or, how literate a faraway
neighborhood,  before looking at a house or job there, by whether or not
it has a B&N.

             In my previous posts, I simply wanted the facts to be


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