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Re: sketchbook madness


has anyone been to a sketchbook show , it is something i was looking into i am
always working and experimenting in sketchbooks I am knew to this group and
know that book shows are going on in manygalleries . just curious have no idea
what goes on in the bookmaking world and have loved to death my
sketchbooks untill they become a entirely new thing with all kinds of new
materials and glued in pages ect.
if there are other crazy sketchbook people out there i am curious to hear what
others are doing.

i was also looking to make a printed book as a compleation from various
sketchbooks i have made does
anyone know of any printing places that will do professional printing and
binding i was going to finance it
myself and wondered how much it costs about to print 1000 or so books, color
and about 60pgs , clothbound.

good job on the group i live in hawaii and have met some great artists here
but is sometimes hard to find people to exchange dialog and information with
it is great hearing about anyone making and enjoying
all kinds of mediums and materials.
take it easy

Tom Johnson
conceptual designer
square usa

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