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Re: Amazon/B&N vs Independent Bookstores

Amazon.com & B&N.com right now are terrific good deals
for the buyer of new books, and an unmitigated disaster for
the book trade. The reason for this is that Amazon.com
lose money on every book that they sell.
This is not conjecture. It is a fact.
Amazon's financials are a matter of public record.
Amazon has lost many many millions of dollars in a drive to
corner market share, driving small retail new book stores
out of business while operating their "business" at a large
loss. In fact, Amazon has never made a penny in it's whole
existence. They operate from the proceeds of  public
offerings, their stock is hyped out of sight, and in my view
the whole thing is a colossal E-commerce scam.

Another thing that I believe is happening is that publishers
are raising their list prices on new books to accommodate
fact that there is a big discount given on every sale by
people. The ultimate price is paid for by the book buyer.

Think it through please. Is this what you really want? No

Instead of visiting your local private bookseller and
looking at the books on display to determine what
you will order from Amazon,
while taking advantage of his expensive retail presence,
tell the owner that you will buy the book from him/her if
they can offer the same discount as Amazon plus postage

Betcha you will get the same deal or better.


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-----Original Message-----
From: Scottie Lover <iluvscotties@MINDSPRING.COM>
Date: Friday, April 09, 1999 11:21 AM
Subject: Re: Amazon/B&N vs Independent Bookstores

>I love Amazon and B&N, and have ordered many, many books
from them (all at
>dramatic cost savings). Their service has been unfailingly
prompt -- and, on
>the rare occasion when they've been slow answering an
E-Mail or something,
>they have very graciously given me free shipping, given me
a gift
>certificate, etc. They also allow buyers to cancel any
books not yet
>shipped -- unlike some of their online counterparts. I have
nothing but
>praise for them.
>However, _NOTHING_ can even begin to compare with the
service provided by a
>truly outstanding specialty bookstore.  I used to shop at a
>mystery bookstore in NYC, where the proprietor knew each
customer's tastes
>(and was able to see me pick up a book and call out, "No,
no, that one is
>much too violent for you!" because he knew I hated violence
in books).
>Although he couldn't afford to give a discount, I saved
_TONS_ of money
>shopping there because I was truly delighted with each and
every purchase.
>The same holds true for any kind of truly outstanding
specialty bookstore.
>I'm not talking about the kind that closed in my
neighborhood (small
>wonder), where the workers spent most of their time
standing around
>chatting, and the most help I ever got was a vague gesture
when I asked
>where something was located.  I'm talking about the kind
where the owners
>and employees know virtually every book in the store, and
are genuinely
>happy to help customers find those which will best meet
their needs.
>Amazon and B&N can't begin to compare with that -- and they
know it.
>I have not yet ordered anything from Book Central.
However, it sounds as
>though that is the kind of store this is -- in which case,
you'll save many
>times more than the discounts offered by their competitors.

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