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Re: Amazon/B&N vs Independent Bookstores

I admit I'm not really a bookstore person.  I'm usually very busy with work
and actually have to schedule a day to go to my favorite bookstore for used
books, Strand here in NYC.  I may get flamed for this, but what the heck.
Flames On!  I buy all of my new books from www.books.com.  I have been
buying from them since they were a BBS, back in 1986.  They were one of the
first, if no the first, electronic bookstore.  I buy from them since you
accrue points towards free books.  They also have a price compare feature
that automatically lowers their price if B&N or Amazon is cheaper.  Plus
they offer a flat shipping charge of $3.85, no matter how many books you
purchase, via the USPS.  For purchasing remainders online I go to
http://www.1bookstreet.com/.  They offer free shipping for orders placed
via their web page.  Just my two bits.


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