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Independent Book Stores

 Colophon Page has been developing The New York Specialty Book Network. It
includes Urban Center Books (architecture and the allied arts)
(http://colophon.com/urbancenterbooks) Hacker Art Books (under heavy
redesign at http://hackerartbooks.com) and Kitchen Arts and Letters
(culinary arts at http://kitchenartsandletters.com almost ready for prime

The idea is to have one specialty book seller in each category. An
alternative to you know who and others. You get the idea. However, even
with this good intention, cooperation is difficult (I think it's genetic
with booksellers, but don't quote me). A sad story involved the potential
inclusion of a NYC travel bookstore (no, not the one that closed). The
owner was very enthusiastic for this cooperative idea, but when he finally
took a good look at what prices Amazon was selling all the same travel
titles for, he felt it was a waste of his time trying to sell online at his
traditional, no discount price. Now, admittedly, I think he needed to
address the different cost structure and expectations the web has created
(or is it Amazon?) and offer some kind of discount or frequent buyer
program or etc. He felt he couldn't have some customers buying at a lower
price than another. He decided he would stick to his traditional in-store

Although the original intention of NYSBN was to be based primarilyon NYC
booksellers (as I'm based there the necessary conversations are, of course,
easier if not simpler), I am very open to suggestions about stores of
similar quality in other cities. (a good travel bookshop?).. For example I
have been in touch recently with the Grolier Bookshop in Cambridge MA,
which, I believe, is the only such store devoted exclusively to poetry.

Any ideas?

best wishes
Jim Wintner

http://colophon.com  Colophon Page
http://photoarts.com PhotoArts

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