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View Rare Books on Your PC

>From the April 5, 1999 issue of TIME Mag.:

The finest old manuscripts are no longer the exclusive domain of scholars
and wealthy collectors.  Now, thanks to Octavo Corp. of Palo Alto, Calif.,
anyone with a computer and CD-ROM drive can enjoy priceless works by
Galileo, Shakespeare, Ben Franklin and other greats exactly as they appear
in the originals-complete with watermarks, worn pages and wormholes.  Says
Richard Kuhta, librarian of the Folger Shakespeare Library in Washington:
"You can do everything but smell the book."  What's more, readers can
instantly search these digital copies, unlike the originals, to find a word
or phrase.  Co-founded by Adobe Systems CEO John Warnock, an avid rare-book
collector, Octavo has so far published 15 titles.  Others soon to come
include Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and the Wycliffe
New Testament (the first English translation).

Article by Janice Maloney

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